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SOL#DAY 19- An acronym that scared me!

While researching articles for the upcoming argument unit I came across this title in the Washington Post-

‘Wounded Child, No Surviving Family’- WCNSF

The gravity of the acronym caught me off guard, I couldn't help but think about these cuddly infants, who deserve the warmth of their mothers, why in the world are they in such a hopeless condition?

Is there anyone listening?

Silence is golden, but silence is deafening too!

I chose not to let this be another post I read today, so I am here, sharing my concern, this is indeed a human catastrophe that needs our attention!

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Nadia, thank you for continuing to speak up. WCNSF should not be part of our world anywhere.


Mar 19
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These words are so true- “Silence is golden, but silence is deafening too!”

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