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Sol#Day 29-I would never forget this...and you?

The cloud looked like a super ball of shiny orange, with clouds drawn neatly. A woman called out to her kids, she was sweating, and her hands were cold and scraped, she hurried towards her kids and engulfed them in a protective embrace.

Out of nowhere, a deafening sound filled that area with fiery smoke and a hazy view.

There was nothing left to be called, a home, or the warmth of people, which was present a few seconds ago, it was as if by a dirty magic trick, all turned to dust.

No this isn't a story, it's the life Palestinians are living every second, not knowing the moment their breaths will be snatched away like a sudden robbery on the atrocious streets.

I am alarmed to think of a world that exists, where children instead of going to school are going to the morgue.

Where we have sold empathy for some finger lickin good.

Where a population of billions couldn't convince an inhuman government to stop bombing innocent people.

I am sorry, we failed you, O Children Of Gaza.

I am sorry, we failed you, O Children Of the world!

I am sorry for a new Massacre- "THE FLOUR Massacre" , is all the nasty war mongers could offer!

How I wish your bags had books, and your faces had sparkles!It's most disheartening to be witness to a massacre, that targets innocent kids, the bright future of tomorrow, who wouldn't see what tomorrow had for them.

I don't know about you, but this scares me.

I feel like a child under the rubble. Perhaps we throw big words like compassion, inclusion, human rights, empathy like a fisherman throws a net to catch fish, or perhaps it's as utterly useless as the pebbles thrown in the scanty river.

Never again the world will be the same

,never again.

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Oh, Nadia, I have no words, but I need to. The world is so broken these days. It's hard to remain hopeful. True, the world will never be the same.

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