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SOl#Day 30- My mother's new soup recipe- Creamy Potato

My mother is “un grande cuoco”, be it asian cuisines or trying her hands at continental or international cuisines, she is one lady who never stops trying brand new recipes. To my delight, she is with me in Saudi Arabia for Ramadan, more than me. it's my son who relishes her cooking passion.

as we were contemplating, she came up with this creamy, cheesy delightful recipe of potato soup, it just melts in the mouth with its aroma of parsley, cream, and creamy broth all igniting your kind senses.

Here is a pic for you.

If you need the recipe please do comment.

And yes, it's less time-consuming!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yes, please. I would love the recipe! And do you speak Spanish too? The soup looks delicious. I'm so glad your mom can be there with you for Ramadan. Blessings!

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