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SOL#Day 31-Think about this...

Mike came running to his home, his mom smiled, and passed him a flying kiss, he caught it like a real gentleman, acknowledging and bending with a bow.

Suddenly, there is a sound as if lions are roaring, or the vultures howling, or both. The duo cling together like bonded by glue, they have no idea what this could be about...

5 minutes later they realize, it wasn't the animals howling but real monsters on the loose, but Mike and his mom would never know that.

It's ashes where the tiny cottage stood, surrounded by blood, smoke, and faint cries, giving away their lasts.

As you feel abashed and agonized for the lost souls, just change Mike to Mohammed!

The narrative will change when our mindset will!

" Silence is golden indeed.


Don't be silent when kids are being bombed and starved to death.

You are the difference that our societal structure yearns for.

I say no more!"

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Denise Krebs
Denise Krebs
4월 02일
별점 5점 중 5점을 주었습니다.

That is a good activity to do, Nadia, changing the name from Mike to Mohammed. The story is heartbreakingly beautifully written. It is painful.

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