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SOL#DAY 18- There's so much to say but still I can't

The times that tiptoe like the tiny-miny waves, bustling your heart or a striking memory, or just a thought you wait to share, but alas! that person is no longer here, in the tangible self.

What would One do?

Well, today is such a day I miss my Abba ( in our culture this is how we address our father), missing is such an understatement, it's more like dust that blurs your vision or perhaps a carbon fume that chokes you deep.

As I finish my prayer, break my fast, say a prayer from all my heart, and look to the sky, where a stubborn star is sticking and glaring at me, I say to myself," How I wish you are thinking of me".

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Mar 20

Your piece of writing so poignantly captures that longing to reach out, to connect with a loved one who is no longer with us, the sadness and frustration that is part of grief.

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