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I love teaching because of my students, perhaps their smiles take the burden of the day away.

When I see kids suffering around the world, especially in Gaza, and Sudan, I feel so helpless, like the pigeon whose wings were cut by the merciless hunter.

It's most disheartening to be witness to a massacre, that targets innocent kids, a bright future of tomorrow, who wouldn't see what tomorrow had for them.

All this while, the world and its leaders failed to bring peace and harmony to this part of the world, and it burnt relentlessly at the hands of the merciless oppressor.

I don't know about you, but this scares me.

I feel like a child under the rubble. Perhaps we throw big words like compassion, inclusion, human rights, empathy like a fisherman throws a net to catch fish, or perhaps it's as utterly useless as the pebbles thrown in the scanty river.

Never again, the world will be the same, NEVER AGAIN!


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Such a powerful post, my dear. I do have hope. We must keep hope that we can make a better world where some day those words we throw around will fill the world with love, justice and peace. I missed you the past couple days. I wrote a poem I wanted to share with you.

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