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Saturday, March 11, 2023, Slice of Life Challenge #23: Day 11/31 My son's English exam

This weekend went in helping my very own eighth grader with his English exam. He is pursuing CBSE, which has a gigantic syllabus quite different from other boards. His syllabus included literature, grammar, and writing. In writing, he had summarization, diary entry, formal letter, report, and essay writing, huh, long list, right?

So while I was preparing him ( rather we were in a flash boot camp mode) I realized that he has become quite a reflective writer, and his words ooze out feelings that indeed can bring a smile to any face, at least mine.

This is more surprising as my son is not into writing much, well let's see as he takes it further.

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Joanne Emery
Joanne Emery
Mar 12, 2023

It is so wonderful that your son has your support. And it's so uplifting to see how you view him as a capable writer who will keep growing - like we all do!


“Flash boot camp mode” is such a great phrase you created!

A lovely moment, to realize this about your son. It makes the reader (well, me at least) want to know what topic or phrase or piece of his required writing made you think this. And as you end with, I also hope he will use his writing skills in future, past the test.

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