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Wednesday, March 22, 2023, Slice of Life Challenge # 22/31 Ramadan vibe in my class...

Ramadan is here, the most awaited and revered month for Muslims worldwide.

This month is not just about fasting for 30 days, but it is a holistic approach to freeing your mind and body from toxicity. It purifies your soul like torrential rain that cleanses the muddy fields, providing a scintillating smoothing effect.

My students are also delighted to welcome our guest, and they asked me if they could do a Ramadan corner, decorating it as per the Ramadan theme.

I was glad to help them have one. They squeezed their time from recess and beautified a little corner.

And what was the part that really touched me was that students who won't be fasting were excited to be a part of this and, it struck me that Ramadan binds humanity irrespective of religion, nationality, or cultural boundaries. It was beautiful to see them bond together, actually, I got teary-eyed when two students said, "we wouldn't fast but wanted to help with this, please."

I am thinking where are the boundaries and differences that the media talks about.

I am grateful it doesn't exist in my not-so-famous class.

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