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An ode to My Father

I thought of you as the yellow daffodils that shine and sway on a breezy afternoon.

I thought you were the crescent moon that beautifies the black gloomy night on a starless night.

I thought you were the blue lined silver clouds, on a sunny morning that sprinkle the sky like confetti.

I thought you as the endearing smile of an infant child, that cheers up even the most grumpiest.

I thought you were the 10th planet of the solar system, waiting for astronomers to find.

I thought you were one among the mighty majestic mountains that stand still, and bear the test and trials of time.

Alas, all these things might not describe you well.

You were the strength that binds us.

You were the prayer that protects us.

You were the word that motivates us.

You were the roof that shades us.

You were the hand that directs us.

You were the light that guides us.

You were You, and that no one could ever be!

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