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Friday, March 31, 2023, Slice of Life Challenge # 31/31 There lived a little girl...last slice

As we come to the end of this pulchritudinous month, I would like to leave you all to reflect on this poem. It conveys the story of loss, struggle, and finally acceptance!

I don't know how but the little comments trailed me to the next day, and so on. It motivated me to write one more time, and this continued and got a reluctant blogger here.

I started this blog after the winter when I lost my father but couldn't get the courage to continue. Slice of life encouraged me to open the bottled-up feelings, to share without a scare, to write without worry, and to hear without hurrying. Now I know my memories are safe here!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Stacey and the team.

I will miss the slices!

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