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Tuesday, March 28, 2023, Slice of Life Challenge # 28/31 My son's favorite biryani cooked by my mom

Updated: Mar 30

Well, food lovers around the world have a special place for authentic biryani, especially in the Asian part of the globe.

It's more of a cultural thing and has sentimental values, trust me, no kidding about this, my son Abdullah is one of them.

If I say my mother's a fabulous cook, it would be an understatement, she's so much more. Fortunately, she is here with us and I feel so lucky for her company, cooking, and the trillion things she does without being asked to.

Fun thing is that my son is a passionate biryani lover, and my mom, his granny is a culinary artist.

Whenever my son gets a no biryani code from me, he glumly expresses the same to my mom (emotional card), and she earnestly rushes to prepare the same.

It's dramatically surprising that Abdullah could sense the aroma from afar, and delightfully ask, " Nani, are you cooking biryani?"

To which my mom replies with a soft nod.

P.S. I thought why not share a pic straight from the pot?

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