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Thursday , March 2, 2023 Slice of Life Challenge #23: Day 2/31 Do you really need that apology?

Has there been a time when you expected an apology? It could be because you were hurt, misunderstood, manipulated, or misjudged, or anything else.

While dusting my blog, and thinking about the year that changed me drastically, in myriad ways. I must confess, that I have had the expectation too! To receive an apology from people who I thought mattered to me.

But recently it has dawned upon me that no longer I crave for that apology, of receiving a response so things normalizes, or of apologies that no longer have souls. No, I am fine without them.

I don't really need to feed my soul with words from others, knowing it means another chance to sabotage my peace, most of the times. I am now independent from this bond.

However, I do feel getting a heartfelt apology is great but you don't really need it, to feel better, to move forward, or even to forgive. It's nice to have someone say that to you, but it's okay if it's not said too.

So today, do ask yourself, do you really need that apology?

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