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Sunday , March 5, 2023 Slice of Life Challenge #23: Day 5/31 Memories#slept holding tightly to bag

Some memories stay with us forever because they are marked beautifully, and full of real love.

I would give you this chance to take a sneak peek into my childhood, best days, isn't?

I must confess that I was truly a daddy's girl, perhaps a bit stubborn to be handled by others.

My father worked in UAE, on an offshore rig, while we, which includes my mother, my elder sister, and my brother stayed in our hometown Kanpur with our extended joint family. Whenever he used to go back I got so sick that I would be on a gagging spree, I would cry a lot, and create a rukus. I just didn't want him to go.

I was hardly 4 or 5, so the vision is not that vivid, but my father used to tell me about this particular incident very fondly, so that misty day I held onto his bag teary eyed, and slept, thinking he can't leave me now.

It was raining heavily, and heavy was my father's heart, slowly he removed my tiny hands, and took the bag, and left. He knew that it won't be easy if I get up!

Back then 3-4 months was an endless wait, until I would see him again.

Today, it's been more than a year since he went on this heavenly journey, and I know this time the wait is going to be forever!

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