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The past few months have forced me to ask this question ALL LIVES MATTER?

We all have been (silent) witness to the most atrocious apartheid and outright brutal war, we can't deny it, we may choose not to speak about it saying, ah, hmmm, it's complicated, but it's not if you believe in humanity.

I saw this post, and have been contemplating, 13,000 children lost their lives , isn't this a huge number to arouse your feelings for this battered community? I am shivering as I think about the perished faces of these thousands of moms, for me, they are just mothers like me, and the kids are like any kids around us, in our classrooms and homes.

Remember, we are not including the number of adult casualties here yet. What is this if not hypocrisy? When will the world move forward toward peace and empathy, erasing all boundaries of region, religion, color, race, language, passports, and so much more that grab our souls by the teeth?

I want to leave you with...

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Denise Krebs
Denise Krebs
31 de mar.

Nadia, oh, my. There is no excuse for our silence. I need to do more, but sometimes I don't know what else to do besides contacting my elected officials, regularly, and writing and speaking out. But our voices seem weak.

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