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Monday , March 6, 2023 Slice of Life Challenge #23: Day 6/31 Student - led conferences

Our school has scheduled SLC, starting next week, so we started the preparation today. SLC is quite different from routine parents teachers conferences, in contrast to PTC, students take the lead in SLC. They create their own progress report and artifacts. Goal setting is an essential element of this conference, it makes the learner more responsible and accountable for their learning journey.

Students present their reflections on chosen subjects to their parents. This also lays the ground for parent-child conversations and promotes a healthy exchange of ideas and viewpoints.

It also inculcates a harmonious conversation environment where parents, teachers, and students work in collaboration

I am curious about how SLC is conducted in other schools. Do share your ideas about the student-led conferences.


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Jennifer Kesler
Jennifer Kesler
Mar 07, 2023

SLCs are my favorite day of every school year! Ours are in early May this year. We do it a bit differently. In the homeroom classes, students take their families through a series of stations, each one focused on a different learning area (math, reading, writing, unit of inquiry, Korean or Chinese, and goal setting). They teach their parents how to do something (like play a math game), read a book to them and the parent asks questions, share their recent writing, complete a learning engagement (like a visible thinking routine), etc. At the goal setting station, they revisit goals made in February at the three-way conference and make goals for the rest of the year. The student then takes…


I LOVE this idea. We don't do anything like this but I'm hoping yours goes well. I have to think that this at least slightly ups engagement levels. Very cool post - good luck!

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