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DAY 3# SOL-If someone could say this...

I'm here to offer validation, In every step, in every station.

Your inspiration, your motivation, I'll provide without hesitation.

Though the distance may seem unclear, Between here and the hereafter, my dear, Keep looking up at the sky so vast, Know that I'm with you, steadfast.

Together we'll navigate this journey, Through valleys low and peaks so high.

With each day, let's strive to fly, Towards dreams that light up the sky.

So take heart, my friend, and never fear, For in this vast universe, I'm always near.

Together, we'll face whatever may come, As we journey from here to the beyond.

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Nadia, wow, this is beautiful. Well done. I like the rhyming and word choice.

A favorite line for me: "Towards dreams that light up the sky."

Me gusta

I love this poem! My favorite lines - "Keep looking up at the sky so vast, Know that I'm with you, steadfast." Such gorgeous, uplifting advice.

Me gusta

You piece is SO lovely and your title so poignant. I wonder, if you can compose this validation for someone else, can you give it to yourself? I would like to be a mirror reflecting it back to you.

And the little video clip is wonderful.

Me gusta
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