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Creative Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts for Middle School

  • You have just spent the weekend with a cousin. Write a letter to your cousin telling him/her how you felt about the weekend. Describe what you most enjoyed doing during the weekend and tell what you would like to do the next time you see your cousin.

  • Some incidents change us forever. Write about such an incident that completely changed your life.

  • You are writing for the first time to a pen pal who is your same age but who lives in a different country. Introduce yourself by describing yourself and telling what your interests and hobbies are. Ask your pen pal to write to you.

  • Sixth grade is a time of many changes. Describe the changes that have taken place in your life since you entered sixth grade. For instance, you could write about school, friends, family, or other changes.

  • On rainy days, our plans often change and we have to find other things to do. Think about what you do for fun on rainy days. Then, write your idea of how to have fun on rainy days.

  • If you wanted an unusual pet, you might find some opposition at home. You would have to be quite persuasive when you describe this new pet idea to your parent. Tell about the pet and convince your parent to let you have it.

  • Imagine that your family lives in a crowded city and you want to move to the country. Describe the country in such a way that your family will want to move, too.

  • Think of an animal that is endangered. Describe this animal in such a way that other people your age will appreciate it and want to protect it.

  • In science, you have studied different families of animals. Reptiles and mammals are two different families of animals. Write an essay comparing and contrasting characteristics of mammals and reptiles.

  • If your class could decide to take a field trip this year, where would you like to go? Write a short essay describing where you would like to go with your class this year so that the teacher will choose your suggestion!

  • Think about the best way you know to earn money. Write a composition telling a friend how to earn money.

  • Think about all the gifts people can give each other. What was the best gift you received so far.

  • Some people like to be surprised by gifts. Others like to know what they are getting. What kinds of gifts do you like?

  • Write a story about a disappointment you have had. Describe what happened and tell how you reacted to it.

  • Most of you know that a radio or TV commercial tries to get you to buy something. Describe your favorite commercial, tell what it is trying to sell, and tell what methods the commercial uses to sell the product.

  • Describe your favorite person. Tell what he or she looks like and acts like and what makes him or her your favorite person

  • I will never forget the day . . .

  • Describe an adult you know.

  • Friends have a special place in our lives. Write about the qualities of a friend you admire.

  • Write about a person who is very important in your life. Tell me why this person is special. Be sure to include several reasons for this person’s importance to you.

  • Your parents have just told you that you can have your own bedroom. Describe how you would decorate your room.


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