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SOL#Day 2-A weapon called starvation

While scrolling on Instagram just as we go back to school after a refreshing spring break, rustling up the last-minute lunch preparations for the next day, this post just stares at me, haply looking down upon me.

Asking questions I don't know about?

I shake my head in deep agony, feeling the twitch in my nerves, guilt running deep at my helplessness in doing nothing for these kids, though they are in no way different than my child at home, or the ones at school.

Why is the world turning its face away from this dire situation where kids are dying due to starvation weapon?

I share this post on my Insta feed, realizing I will lose another handful of followers, shrugging (who cares)....what matters is that I am doing my bit by sharing the heartache and grief, perhaps someone somewhere will read this, and miraculously, a faint little light might reach to the people dwindling with darkness, for the world is not free, till everyone is!

Thanks for reading, if you feel that no kids deserve to suffer, especially, a war-stricken hunger-pang death, please pass the message forward.

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Nadia, I'm so glad you are calling our attention to the plight of children--the same as our children and grandchildren. Oh, it's so easy to turn away, but I appreciate the reminder to look and weep and do something about it. Thank you for sharing.

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Yes, the horrific incidents are multiplying while little help is all they get amidst the roaring of misery .

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Wow, deep thoughts. Such abhorrent scenes playing out in real life while we hide in our houses of plenty and indifference. Thanks for sharing.

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Certainly we dwell in plenty and yet crib, thanks for sharing your views.

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Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that no child deserves to suffer so I will pass your message forward..

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I am thankful for this!

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Absolutely, "the world is not free, till everyone is" - so very true. The horrors are increasing each and every day. This latest news of people being killed while seeking aid is the worst yet. Thank you for writing about this.

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